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About Us


I am Luciana the founder of AdoraBlue, LLC.  I have an educational background in early childhood education and taught children from kindergarten to the 4th grade.


My work with children inspired me to create the AdoraBlue Travel Tray. My goal was to inspire intellectual curiosity and imagination.  I used feedback from parents and children to ensure the product met the children's needs.



More than 13 thousands small businesses participated in the FedEx Small Business Grant competition of 2019. We were proud to rise to the Top 100 US Small Business of 2019 in this respected and traditional competition, only in our first year in business. 

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Charnaie is a mother of 2 in an extraordinary mission, she and her family are on a road trip across all the 50 states closing the reading gap with diverse and inclusive books in schools and underprivileged communities.

Nothing like the word of a mother, who is driving across the country with the family to trust on road trips tips, right? We were featured in her blog as a must-have toy for a family trip.


We are so happy and honored to be featured Top 10 Small Business on the Tri-State area by 1010 Wins Radio Station. WINS is the oldest continuously operating an all-news radio station in the United States, broadcasting in that format since 1965. One of the most listed stations in the country. 


In November of 2019, our founder was a guest of the talk show Coach Corner of Dr. Jami on Channel 2 - Manhattan Network Channel. 

On this occasion, Luciana shared her personal path into entrepreneurship and the creation of the brand AdoraBlue. Luciana was a guest on the show promoting her new children's book - Eggs and Dreams. 

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